Day 26: Wish list


  • Tangle Teezer: after the last bleach my hair is In horrible condition! Brushing through it with my hand makes many hairs fall out, so you can imagine what happens when I use a hairbrush.
  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: There are so many amazing reviews for it that I need to try it out! Especially since I was going to buy the beauty blender which is twice as expensive. Got to love cheaper alternatives of amazing quality, right?
  • Benefit Majorette Cream to Powder blush

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Day 25: Turn ons and turn offs!

I don’t know why but this seems like a fairly hard thing to write about! Anyway I will try my best and tell you about some of my biggest turn ons and offs in a guy.

Turn ons:

Well he definitely has to be an animal lover, that’s for sure. I’m dog obsessed myself so I definitely couldn’t handle someone who would hate on my dog. But seriously, if someone cares for animals they do have this soft side and they’re not just all tough. It’s nice. Continue reading

Day 24: Worst injury

There are so many people who had near death experiences so I’m extremely happy my worst injury wasn’t actually that serious! In fact, all we’re talking about here is a broken leg. I explained this briefly here, so read on to get the full story.

I really don’t know how I’ve managed to hurt myself while walking back from a church but the whole experience has definitely put a thick barrier between me and churches. The idea of going to one makes me think I’m going to break my leg again, weird, I know. Continue reading

Day 23: A letter to…

Dear Grandpa,

You’re gone almost 6 and a half years now but it still feels like we saw each other yesterday. I wish you were still here with us, without you everything lost its magic. The house, the family fires and meet ups, summer.

I was in 6th class on primary school and we decided to fly over to Poland for Christmas. In the end the whole family was over and we all had a mint time! It was the best Christmas of my life, simply because we were all there, whole family Continue reading

Day 21: The perfect low cal dessert!

We all love dessert, don’t we? I can turn down food and whatever but ask me if I want dessert and I’ll never turn that down. And a low calorie dessert makes the indulgence better, right? Less guilt and stuff! 😀 This is why I’ll show you how to make yoghurt jelly today. (Sounds weird, I know)


I actually remember this being a childhood dessert and I’m re-discovering it again.


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Day 20: My fears

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been feeling very poorly the last two days with a migraine that came from hell. Thankfully it’s a little better now so I’m back to my every day posting.

We all have fears, or phobias, right? Spiders, claustrophobia, heights. When faced with their fears, some people remain calm and others go into a full on panic mode.

Today I’ll tell you about some of my fears.

I’m scared of cats. Continue reading

Day 18: Favourite quotes

 ‘’Just keep swimming’’ – Dory

Ahhh who doesn’t know this classic! Just three little words, yet it’s so inspirational. I love how this Disney movie quote has stuck around for a little over 10 years and you can mention it to anyone & they’ll know what you’re on about! It’s great that even a children’s movie encourages you to never give up.

‘Money is the anthem of success, so put on mascara and your party dress.’- Lana Del Rey, ‘National Anthem’. Continue reading

Day 17: Places I’d like to visit

I think that we all have a list of places we’d want to visit. Be it our dream destinations or places we’d like to go to our honeymoon. And since I’m a big dreamer, my list is almost endless. I talked about some of these destinations here.

Paris could be the most clichéd destination known to a man but there is just something really magical about the city. Maybe it’s the Eiffel Tower, walking underneath it and watching it during the night when the lights are on. Maybe it’s the Louvre, one of the world’s largest museums, the glass pyramid, that opens your eyes to a different kind of beauty. Or maybe it’s the catacombs, where you can see the remains of about 6 million people Continue reading