Why men who are good with babies are so much more attractive?

Hello everyone!

How have you all been lately? Because I’m fairly busy with first year finals and fully preoccupied with procrastination, just saying.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees babies everywhere lately?! I mean it feels like everyone around me is either having babies or talking about having babies and so on. In all fairness even I’ve been thinking a lot about them in the past few days but I fully blame the monthly hormone changes because I’m not a fan of them at all. And I know it probably sounds awful and that I will change my point of view by 180 degrees in say 5 years time but for now, a baby is just a no no. The idea of taking care of another human being while I’m incapable of caring for myself is just plain scary.

The other day I’ve been browsing Instagram and I had a closer look at one of my friends’ profile. His most recent photo was…. yes you guessed it, of him holding a baby. And that was the moment I fully understood what people mean when they say that a guy who is good with kids becomes 100 times more attractive. My first reaction to the photo was a overly long ‘awwww’ because it’s just so heart warming.

But why is it that seeing a man be good with babies makes us, women to see him completely differently? Is it our brains telling us that the man would be a good person to procreate with? You know, the human instinct. Or is it our hormones? Or is it that we see they are responsible and that tells us he would be able to take care of us as well? WHAT IS IT?!

I mean, seeing a man holding a baby or a dog/puppy gets the same reaction from me anyway. They just instantly become more attractive. It’s just like a touch of a magic wand and boom, their level of hotness goes through the roof.

While it seems so illogical, it’s so true, men who are good with babies ARE more attractive. It’s a fact. End of.

Love,Sara xox


My Tinder experience!

How are you all?IMG_1378

Today I want to tell you more about my Tinder experience. I suppose we all know what Tinder is right? Some say it’s a hook up app, others say it’s a dating one. One thing that everyone knows for sure is that the swiping part is really and I mean really addictive! Once you get swiping you find yourself swiping everywhere! Be it on a train, in a lecture or in bed. And then when the matches start coming in you become more and more addicted to the app.

It’s a bit of fun, a thing that gives you something to do throughout the day.

I actually went on a Tinder date, that is a coffee date, recently enough. Before we agreed to meet up, the guy and I were talking for a week or something and got on very well. While we didn’t share too many interests we still got on fine.

When the day came around, I was rather nervous and since I didn’t know if he was going to be a psycho or not, I asked my best friend to text me at a given time just to make sure I’m still alive. 😀 In the end that wasn’t necessary but hey, better to be safe than sorry.

IMG_1377We choose to meet at one of the Starbucks that was halfway distance between my college and his work place. Unfortunately, it turned out that this one was full so we went to the nearest one from there. From then onwards everything went ok and by the end he walked me down to my luas stop and gave me a goodbye hug.

Did I like the date? Well, he was fairly nice and offered to pay for my coffee. I refused to accept it though because it just  didn’t feel right. Another good thing is that he didn’t turn out to be a psycho. But then again we quickly ran out of things to talk about and because of our different interests we spent some time awkwardly sipping our coffee. Oops.

We also did the whole ‘yeah yeah I’ll text you later’ thing which I’m extremely happy neither one of us followed up on because things would have been super awkward.

The whole experience helped me to realise that there are so many different possibilities out there, even if you’ve been stuck in the past for the last while just like me. Anyways, I’m off to do some swiping!

What’s your experience with Tinder? Do you love it or hate it? Tell me in the comments!

Love,Sara xox