Penneys mini haul: Home Edition

Hello everyone!

A few days ago I had a brilliant idea to change my room decor a bit. While I didn’t have any set vision for it or anything, I knew which side of the room I wanted to change and will have a post about it soon enough!

Being the broke student that I am the first port of call was Penneys of course and to be honest I found everything I needed to work my magic. Also some make up bits but that’s not what this post is about.

IMG_1520I ignored the shoes section since my primarily focus was home stuff and set off on a hunt to find the wicker storage baskets. I remember seeing them in a minty shade a few weeks back. However now they only stock them in grey which is still fine with me. I’m planning on using the smaller one for nail related items like nail files, nail polishes and nail varnish removers and the bigger one for all sorts of creams, sprays etc. IMG_1523Overall, getting 2 wicker baskets for €8 isn’t bad of a deal since they’re actually decent in size and you can use them for all sorts of things. All I know is that once these are back in the minty green shade I’ll be back buying another set.

I love Penneys’ €1 candles. They’re in a glass container and have this metal screw on lid. This time I got a sandalwood one and another vanilla one because lately I’ve been really obsessed with candles. I suppose they just set the mood and stuff but anyways. 😀IMG_1519

While having a look around the store I noticed a discount shelf with some picture canvas which apparently were to be discounted from €5 to €2. There I found  this cute ‘together is a wonderful place to bee’ one with a bee motive throughout it. It’s one of the triple ones where you can separate them out or just hang them closely together to form one picture. When I got to the till I got a pleasant surprise because it scanned in at €1! Win-win.

There were so many other home things that I’d love to buy but the time will come eventually. 😀

Love,Sara xox


Mini Haul March 2015

Hello everyone! I went on a mini shopping trip to Penneys yesterday and bought some real nice things! I also stopped at Boots to get some bleach for my much needing it roots. Pictures coming right up:


  • #iwokeuplikethis or  #instagorgeous pillow cases:pillows

I am so so so so in love with those! It could be the pastel mint green or the little phrases but they’re just amazing! I couldn’t find a matching duvet cover but my local penneys is tiny so I’ll have a look in one of the City Centre ones and hope to find it! At 4 euro they’re a steal.IMG_1150

  • Ultra soft super skinny jeans in blue:

While I can never buy any sort of jeans from penneys, I got those in a size bigger, even just to wear them around the house because you don’t always get a 5 euro bargain.IMG_1142

  • Scented Candle:

Recently, I’m in love with candles. Scented candles to be more exact. And this pastel pink, Pink Grafefruit, candle from Penneys smells truly amazing, burns for ages and costs just a mere 1 euro! Amazing!

  • Flats, flats, flats:shoes

Being a size 7.5 I can never ever get any sort of shoes because many places don’t do half sizes. So I always end up buying size 8 shoes and well, these flats were a true and proper steal at their discounted prices. The blue ones have sort of a suede finish and would be a perfect alternative to high heels if you want to be comfortable all night! The cream and black ones are just ideal for that spring/summer weather once it gets kind of warm in Ireland. Either way, paying 5 euro for two pairs of shoes is an excellent deal.


  • Jerome Russell BBlonde powder and cream peroxide: Having heard amazing reviews about it I’ve decided to give it a try, since my roots are way over-due at this stage. Plus I’m sick of all the dyes I’ve tried leaving a brassy shade on my hair, even after numerous washes with purple shampoo! I shall give this a try in a week or two and let you know of the results.IMG_1147
  • Sally Hansen polish remover:

I was running out on my nail polish remover and these were selling at ‘buy 1, get 1 half price’ so I got both the regular and strengthening version. Since I actually have nails, you’ll see me painting them like 50 times a week and the nail polish remover just disappears. I swear, you’d think I drink it, that’s how fast it goes. Hahahaha.

Well that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to drop me a comment!

Love,Sara xox