Birchbox February 2017 & how to get your first box half price!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well!
I finally received my February Birchbox this morning and decided I would share this month’s content with you. 🙂


Birchbox is a subscription service where you get 5 luxury beaty treats every month and they are personalised to suit your beauty product. There are a few different ways you can choose to subscribe. The monthly one is £10 plus £2.95 P&P, you can cancel at any time and there is no minimum commitment. Payment is taken at the start of every month so if say you would like to only subscribe for one month, remember to cancel before the end of the month to avoid being charged for your second box and so on. A 6 month subscription is £60 plus £2.95 P&P with your first box being shipped for free. A yearly subscription is £100 plus £2.95 P&P so you receive 2 boxes for free!

If you would like to receive your first box for half the price, click here and follow the instructions on the screen!

The february box is a collaboration with the brand Papier (cards and stationery in the UK) and you have two beautiful desings to choose from. I decided to go with the green fern and it’s prettier than I could imagine.

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Sleek Makeup Haul!

Hello everyone!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been gathering all the bits and pieces I’ve bought recently to throw together a little haul. Now, if I can actually get around to writing it, you’re in for quite a bit of a lecture because I’ve been buying too much stuff. 😀

So today’s entry is going to be about a mini haul of Sleek Makeup! Boots have a 2 for €14 offer on at the moment. 2 for €14! Though mind yourself it’s probably sold out of stock in your local boots unless you live next to Liffey Valley. If you’re interested in buying some goodies from Sleek and availing of the offer I’d strongly advise to just order online on their website and it’ll get delivered into the boots store of your choice, that’s what I’ve done for my stuff. 🙂

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15 Lipsticks?! Freedom Makeup Haul

Hey everyone!

I haven’t abandoned you or this blog, just been overly busy with college and work. But since I’ve sprained my ankle pretty bad recently, I’m home with plenty of time on my hands so back to writing we go!

Having so much spare time I decided to treat myself to a little bit of retail therapy, lipsticks to be more exact. So off to the Freedom Makeup website I went and God, I fell in love.

With a 3 for 2 mix and match across makeup and 20% off your first order, you really can’t go wrong. Their Facebook page is constantly updated with new offers so make sure to check it out! Continue reading

Beauty on a Budget: New buys

 Hey everyone! Today I want to show you some of my most recent beauty buys, a mini haul you could say. In advance sorry for the dirty makeup brush, forgot to take pictures before using it and haven’t washed it just yet. Some of these products I’ve been using for quite a while now so I’m currently working on reviews for those but got a massive haul coming up as well in a matter of days so that’ll keep me occupied for a while. I was going to write this post as little description of each of these but ended up with mini reviews, oops.

beauty haul

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Review: Catrice Absolute Nude eyeshadow palette 010 All Nude

IMG_1444Hello everyone!

I don’t know about you but personally I love finding some great beauty products at a low price which are just as good as the big brand ones! Lately I’ve been super obsessed with eyeshadows and this Catrice palette is absolutely fantastic in my opinion.

It has 6 nude colours, some of which are matte and some are shimmery. The packaging promises that the shades are long lasting and after using this for months now I can say that it’s 100% true. Another great thing about it is that you can combine the shades together in any form you want to and they go together very well.IMG_1446

You can easily create an everyday look with the lighter shades or turn to a smokey eye for the evening with the darker ones!IMG_1454

As for the packaging, there’s a little instruction provided to ‘get the nude look’ along with some make up tips, which is always a plus. The only thing I dislike about this palette is that the lid fell off about 2 months ago or something but it’s understandable because like I said before, I’ve been using it a lot.

This retails at about €5.49 and honestly is really worth it for that price. You can get it in many pharmacies and even Penneys if they have a make up stand there!

I genuinely find that Catrice has some very interesting beauty products at a fairly low price such as some of their mascaras, their nail polishes and definitely this palette! For a budget make up brand their products are of a really great standard.

If you haven’t yet tried this brand- they’re definitely worth having a look at!

Love,Sara xox

Jerome Russell BBlonde bleach review!

*****Updated review!*****

Hey guys, I  rarely ever get to make a complete 180 on a product from loving it to hating it so this is something special. As a bit of a back story, I have used this product for over a year and it was my absolute go to, paired with the John Frieda blonde range. Then during the summer of 2015 I ran out of this bleach and went to a local shop to top up. There I noticed the packaging changed but didn’t think much about it.

The minute I started putting this on my hair the nightmare began. My scalp started burning and believe me when I say I couldn’t sit through for more than 10 minutes. I was only applying the product to my roots, yet it seemed to affect the lenghts of my hair also. My hair was feeling very gummy, you could stretch it like chewing gum almost so that was scary. And it only got worse when I went to wash this out my hair. Granted, the burning stopped but my hair was falling out in pretty much clumps and i couldnt shampoo the product out without pulling out a hand full of white hairs. The stretching also continued.

Once my hair was dry, I broke down crying. It was absolutely fried and kept falling out. That’s when I decided to contact customer care and sent a message to the email given on the box. Surprise surprise it didn’t deliver due to ‘non existent email’. Hmm, okay, fair enough. So then i  contacted the company through facebook and actually got through to someone eventually. I questioned the change in packaging and possibly formulation but was ‘assured’ that their formula didn’t change. Believing that is impossible because of what happened to me but okay. Then I wanted to go ahead with a complaint and got really annoyed with their process. Fill out a form which is reallllllllllyyyyyy long would have maybe been okay with me but the remainder of the rep’s reply was too much for me.

In order to fully assess your problem and confirm your complaint, we will require a photograph of your hair in its current and previous state and a small cutting of the damaged hair plus a detailed history of any Colour applications over the last 18 months and application techniques.    It would assist our investigation if you were able to send any/all items of empty bottles, packaging and receipts if you have retained them for our analysis.

So, I didn’t go ahead with the official complaint but I’m telling you my story, that I wish someone told me before I used the product.
After this nightmare,  I let my hair relax for a few months, trying to condition it to some presentable state. After a few months my hair was still falling out horribly and the damage didn’t improve even slightly. I dyed my hair with a different dye during the winter because my roots looked awful by then. As much as I loved being blonde I realised that if my hair is to heal at least slightly I need to go darker so in February 2016 I dyed my hair brown and have been doing so for a year now. My hair is still deal on the lenghts and still really damaged but at least now the falling out is improved, a year and a half later.

So yes, this is a story of how one can go from loving something to absolutely hating it.
Make wise decisions and may your hair be healthy and shiny.



Hello everyone!IMG_1216

As promised I’m doing my review for the Jerome Russell BBlonde bleach. I’ve read some amazing reviews and heard great things from people about it so decided to give it a try on my hair because I was due to do it anyway and at least it saved me the hassle of trying to find a good hair dye!

To bleach your hair with this bleach you will need the powder bleach and the cream peroxide. (sold separately. The box costs around 5 euro and the cream peroxide bottles are on sale for 2.50 euro) Oh, and Boots currently has a ‘3 for 2’ offer on a lot of their hair products and dyes, this one is on offer as well!IMG_1217

In the box there are 4 sachets of high lift powder bleach, an instruction leaflet and a pair of gloves. It is instructed to use one sachet of powder bleach with one bottle of cream peroxide. (Overall, I used two because one wouldn’t be enough to cover all of my roots.)

To mix it together you just put the powder and the cream peroxide in a plastic bowl and mix it together until it’s of an even consistency, kind of like a paste. I used the 40 vol peroxide because it was my first time using the bleach and wanted to make sure that it’ll definitely lighten my hair.

Don’t forget to do your strand test! Because if you are allergic to it you could even die so remember, stay safe and do your strand test!IMG_1304

This is my hair at about 2 months re-growth and I just left it to be greasy for the day I was bleaching it to minimise the burn and everything. To begin with my hair wasn’t in a very good condition from the previous dyes and bleaches so I was quite scared to do it again. But I can safely say that if you don’t keep this on for too long your hair will be fine!

Application: I got my mom to put the dye on my hair so that it’s all even because you obviously don’t want to be walking around with dark spots in your hair. One thing I have to tell you: this thing works fast! We divided my hair into two sections, top and bottom. My mom started applying the bleach at the bottom part on the roots. After she was finished she put the remainder of the mixture on my lengths. After 20 minutes my roots were lightened so we washed it off because as I said before, I was afraid of burning my hair too much.

We then did the top part, again starting with roots and then on to the length of my hair. As there was very little mixture left after she covered my roots, we added a bit of just a white hair conditioner to dilute the bleach and then put it on the rest of my hair. This time I kept it on for 25 minutes for a better effect but this is just the minimum developing time and I should have kept it on for about 10 minutes later, will do so the next time.

During the developing time my hair kind of had a green/gray shade to it but it turned out completely fine!IMG_1306

Result: When I was washing out the bleach and then washing my hair I realised that I actually ran out of purple shampoo so I had no way to tone my hair!

While wet, my hair looked rather yellow. But it’s something I learned over time, to not worry how it looks while it’s wet, it saves you a lot of tears. 😀

Overall, I found the bleach to work good on my hair, it did its job without burning off my hair as it’s pretty much in the same condition as before. It’s not perfect because my roots do have a brassy/orange shade to it but that’s really my fault because I kept it on for too short and couldn’t tone it! As of a week later it looks a lot better so no worries here!

Would I use it again?IMG_1305

I think I will definitely use this bleach again because:

  1. It actually bleached my hair, better than the xxl live so that’s super positive!
  2. It works out so cheap! With all the products needed to take care of your hair, a full head dye will cost you less than 10 euro with this. Perfect!
  3. It didn’t harm my hair as much as some other dyes/bleaches did previously. Obviously I’m not saying that it’s good for you but I’ve had my hair in worse condition before.
  4. It’s quick. It actually works super fast! Within five minutes you could see my hair going lighter so I love it.

**I will definitely not be using this again**

Would I recommend it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a cheap bleach that works quite good! Just remember to stick to the times stated in the instruction and do a strand test before you apply the product to all of your hair.


Love,Sara xox

My hair favourites!

How are you all?

This post will give you a little insight into my favourite hair products. While taking care of your hair isn’t easy, it’s double as hard with blonde hair! Because you know, bleach isn’t the nicest thing for your hair.

My hair itself isn’t easy to maintain. I’ve always been jealous of all the women who can wash their hair every second or third day and actually look like a human being between the washes! That’s definitely not the case with me because if you had a look at me with my three day hair, you’d think I just poured a litre of oil on my head. Not pleasant. Which means there I am every morning before college with freshly washed and dried hair, and believe me, this doesn’t do any good to your hair. But for me, it’s that or looking awful. Another disadvantage of having super greasy hair is that I have to be very careful with the products I use. So you know how the conditioner says to leave it on for 2 minutes? For me it’s about 30 seconds. But hey, it does its job and leaves my hair looking good so I’m happy. But that’s enough of my talking and let’s get to the actual products!

Conditioners and hair masks

  • Bonté Professional extra nutrition hair mask:

I actually got this in Spain on my holiday for about 3 euro and to be honest, I absolutely love it! While the container advises to leave it on for three to five minutes and then wash it off with water, I have it on for about 30 seconds to a minute and it leaves my hair nice and soft without making it greasy! I’ve been using it quite a while now and only a third of the container in now so it lasts forever! If anyone sees this abroad, get a tub and try it out because it works wonders for me.IMG_1173

  • Tresemme keratin smooth deep treatment masque:

In Ireland this retails at about 7 euro. I bought in on holiday at 4 euro if I remember correctly. Either way it’s worth every cent because this stuff if amazing! It’s advised to use it once a week or as often as needed and leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes. I honestly swear by this stuff and will be buying a new tub very soon because I’m almost finished this one! Oh and it smells amazing. Just a bonus to how wonderful it is.


Heat protection

  • Tresemme heat defence styling spray:

Costs around 7 euro and does exactly what it claims. It protects your hair for up to 230 degrees Celsius against heat damage. I’d probably have no hair from all the time I use a hair dryer without this so let’s take a moment to appreciate this stuff because it’s absolutely bliss.

Purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is an absolute essential and you will hear this from every blonde! It cancels out all that yellow/brassy tones from your hair and just makes your colour look amazing!IMG_1169

  • John Frieda sheer blonde tone correcting shampoo:

This is my absolute favourite when it comes to purple shampoo! John Frieda has this one perfect and it not only cancels out the brassiness in my hair but also makes other tones in my hair come up while keeping it nice and shiny. Worth every penny and if I could have a lifelong supply of this I’d be in my little blonde heaven. IMG_1180The conditioner from this range is absolutely amazing as well especially since it’s quite light and doesn’t make my hair greasy, yet it works on keeping your blonde locks a lovely shade of blonde. I seriously wouldn’t change a thing about this product.

  • Provoke touch of silver shampoo:

This shampoo range is my second go to product right after the John Frieda shampoo. While it’s not as good as my favourite, it does the job and that’s what matters I think! It’s also a lot cheaper as it retails at 3 euro for a 200ml bottle at boots. But hey, it keeps both my blonde hair happy as well as my tiny student budget so it’s a win-win situation!

Love,Sara xox

Mini Haul March 2015

Hello everyone! I went on a mini shopping trip to Penneys yesterday and bought some real nice things! I also stopped at Boots to get some bleach for my much needing it roots. Pictures coming right up:


  • #iwokeuplikethis or  #instagorgeous pillow cases:pillows

I am so so so so in love with those! It could be the pastel mint green or the little phrases but they’re just amazing! I couldn’t find a matching duvet cover but my local penneys is tiny so I’ll have a look in one of the City Centre ones and hope to find it! At 4 euro they’re a steal.IMG_1150

  • Ultra soft super skinny jeans in blue:

While I can never buy any sort of jeans from penneys, I got those in a size bigger, even just to wear them around the house because you don’t always get a 5 euro bargain.IMG_1142

  • Scented Candle:

Recently, I’m in love with candles. Scented candles to be more exact. And this pastel pink, Pink Grafefruit, candle from Penneys smells truly amazing, burns for ages and costs just a mere 1 euro! Amazing!

  • Flats, flats, flats:shoes

Being a size 7.5 I can never ever get any sort of shoes because many places don’t do half sizes. So I always end up buying size 8 shoes and well, these flats were a true and proper steal at their discounted prices. The blue ones have sort of a suede finish and would be a perfect alternative to high heels if you want to be comfortable all night! The cream and black ones are just ideal for that spring/summer weather once it gets kind of warm in Ireland. Either way, paying 5 euro for two pairs of shoes is an excellent deal.


  • Jerome Russell BBlonde powder and cream peroxide: Having heard amazing reviews about it I’ve decided to give it a try, since my roots are way over-due at this stage. Plus I’m sick of all the dyes I’ve tried leaving a brassy shade on my hair, even after numerous washes with purple shampoo! I shall give this a try in a week or two and let you know of the results.IMG_1147
  • Sally Hansen polish remover:

I was running out on my nail polish remover and these were selling at ‘buy 1, get 1 half price’ so I got both the regular and strengthening version. Since I actually have nails, you’ll see me painting them like 50 times a week and the nail polish remover just disappears. I swear, you’d think I drink it, that’s how fast it goes. Hahahaha.

Well that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to drop me a comment!

Love,Sara xox