New nail polishes!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve been absent on this blog lately but I’ve been extremely busy with end of year college exams and barely had the time to sleep with all the last minute revision, never mind the time to write on the blog but I’m back and hopefully going to post a lot more often now!

On my last day in the big city I had to buy a few beauty roducts and some bits and pieces for my wardrobe. While in Penneys I picked up this lovely NYC Shine in a Minute nail polish in the colour 700 Staten Island Blue. It’s a lovely shade of blue, one I’ve been looking for in the last few months actually. The brush seems quite big and thick in comparison to some of the polishes I’ve been using lately but it easily reaches all the spots on my nails so I’m happy enough. Plus for something that cost less than 2 euro it’s amazing.

**excuse my nails looking all gross, just took off blue nail polish**


When I was in Boots I saw they have an offer on some of the Collection nail polishes being ‘2 for 4 euro’. While they’re kind of small at 8ml I still went on with my purchase. I’ve always loved how other people’s nails looked with white nail polish on, be it an accent nail or whole hand. I tried it on myself but my previous white polish had below average coverage and took forever to dry and just couldn’t give me the effect I was after. So the second I saw this 1 White Out colour I knew I had to get it and try it out. For my second colour I chose 7 Orange Zest. While it looks rather reddish in the bottle it has an orangey red look on the nails and looks truly amazing.


This is how the nails looked after one coat of each nail polish…


As you can see they all need a second coat especially since I do a really thin coat for the first one so that I don’t have to wait too long to apply the second one. With the NYC blue one you could possibly get away with using one thicker coat but since it dries quick (it’s one of the ‘dries in 60 seconds’ one) it’s just handier to do two coats.

Here’s how the nails look after a second coat without using top coat.


As you can see the Orage Zest looks more like red. To bring out the orange shade paint your nail with a white polish as a base and then use one coat of the orange colour. As you can see the difference is huge but to me both of the colours are fabulous so use whichever way suits you more!

I can’t tell you much about how long these last because:

  1. Haven’t properly tested them out yet
  2. I never wear nail polish for 7 days to test the Collection’s promise on the bottle.

but from what I have had them on my nails it seems to be that the NYC one is better lasting in my opinion.

As my nail polish collection is growing I’m on a hunt for a good black one and some neon colours so let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions! 🙂

Love,Sara xox


Why men who are good with babies are so much more attractive?

Hello everyone!

How have you all been lately? Because I’m fairly busy with first year finals and fully preoccupied with procrastination, just saying.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees babies everywhere lately?! I mean it feels like everyone around me is either having babies or talking about having babies and so on. In all fairness even I’ve been thinking a lot about them in the past few days but I fully blame the monthly hormone changes because I’m not a fan of them at all. And I know it probably sounds awful and that I will change my point of view by 180 degrees in say 5 years time but for now, a baby is just a no no. The idea of taking care of another human being while I’m incapable of caring for myself is just plain scary.

The other day I’ve been browsing Instagram and I had a closer look at one of my friends’ profile. His most recent photo was…. yes you guessed it, of him holding a baby. And that was the moment I fully understood what people mean when they say that a guy who is good with kids becomes 100 times more attractive. My first reaction to the photo was a overly long ‘awwww’ because it’s just so heart warming.

But why is it that seeing a man be good with babies makes us, women to see him completely differently? Is it our brains telling us that the man would be a good person to procreate with? You know, the human instinct. Or is it our hormones? Or is it that we see they are responsible and that tells us he would be able to take care of us as well? WHAT IS IT?!

I mean, seeing a man holding a baby or a dog/puppy gets the same reaction from me anyway. They just instantly become more attractive. It’s just like a touch of a magic wand and boom, their level of hotness goes through the roof.

While it seems so illogical, it’s so true, men who are good with babies ARE more attractive. It’s a fact. End of.

Love,Sara xox

Beauty Haul!

Hello everyone!

Since I had some spare money in my budget I decided to buy some beauty stuff, because you know, you never have enough of it!IMG_1527

When having a look around Penneys I remembered that I couldn’t find my tweezers for quite a few days now so when I saw the 1.50 set of two, I knew straight away that I need to buy them! The pastel pink and minty green are just super cute to me.IMG_1528

Another thing I absolutely needed is a clear nail polish and I went for the Wet n Wild clear nail polish. Since I started growing my nails I’ve been going through nail polish like crazy, especially clear one. Previously I’ve been using the Nail Tek II: Intensive Therapy and was fairly happy with it but that was back in my non-college days where spending so much on a nail polish was acceptable. Continue reading