My hair favourites!

How are you all?

This post will give you a little insight into my favourite hair products. While taking care of your hair isn’t easy, it’s double as hard with blonde hair! Because you know, bleach isn’t the nicest thing for your hair.

My hair itself isn’t easy to maintain. I’ve always been jealous of all the women who can wash their hair every second or third day and actually look like a human being between the washes! That’s definitely not the case with me because if you had a look at me with my three day hair, you’d think I just poured a litre of oil on my head. Not pleasant. Which means there I am every morning before college with freshly washed and dried hair, and believe me, this doesn’t do any good to your hair. But for me, it’s that or looking awful. Another disadvantage of having super greasy hair is that I have to be very careful with the products I use. So you know how the conditioner says to leave it on for 2 minutes? For me it’s about 30 seconds. But hey, it does its job and leaves my hair looking good so I’m happy. But that’s enough of my talking and let’s get to the actual products!

Conditioners and hair masks

  • Bonté Professional extra nutrition hair mask:

I actually got this in Spain on my holiday for about 3 euro and to be honest, I absolutely love it! While the container advises to leave it on for three to five minutes and then wash it off with water, I have it on for about 30 seconds to a minute and it leaves my hair nice and soft without making it greasy! I’ve been using it quite a while now and only a third of the container in now so it lasts forever! If anyone sees this abroad, get a tub and try it out because it works wonders for me.IMG_1173

  • Tresemme keratin smooth deep treatment masque:

In Ireland this retails at about 7 euro. I bought in on holiday at 4 euro if I remember correctly. Either way it’s worth every cent because this stuff if amazing! It’s advised to use it once a week or as often as needed and leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes. I honestly swear by this stuff and will be buying a new tub very soon because I’m almost finished this one! Oh and it smells amazing. Just a bonus to how wonderful it is.


Heat protection

  • Tresemme heat defence styling spray:

Costs around 7 euro and does exactly what it claims. It protects your hair for up to 230 degrees Celsius against heat damage. I’d probably have no hair from all the time I use a hair dryer without this so let’s take a moment to appreciate this stuff because it’s absolutely bliss.

Purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is an absolute essential and you will hear this from every blonde! It cancels out all that yellow/brassy tones from your hair and just makes your colour look amazing!IMG_1169

  • John Frieda sheer blonde tone correcting shampoo:

This is my absolute favourite when it comes to purple shampoo! John Frieda has this one perfect and it not only cancels out the brassiness in my hair but also makes other tones in my hair come up while keeping it nice and shiny. Worth every penny and if I could have a lifelong supply of this I’d be in my little blonde heaven. IMG_1180The conditioner from this range is absolutely amazing as well especially since it’s quite light and doesn’t make my hair greasy, yet it works on keeping your blonde locks a lovely shade of blonde. I seriously wouldn’t change a thing about this product.

  • Provoke touch of silver shampoo:

This shampoo range is my second go to product right after the John Frieda shampoo. While it’s not as good as my favourite, it does the job and that’s what matters I think! It’s also a lot cheaper as it retails at 3 euro for a 200ml bottle at boots. But hey, it keeps both my blonde hair happy as well as my tiny student budget so it’s a win-win situation!

Love,Sara xox


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