Penneys mini haul: Home Edition

Hello everyone!

A few days ago I had a brilliant idea to change my room decor a bit. While I didn’t have any set vision for it or anything, I knew which side of the room I wanted to change and will have a post about it soon enough!

Being the broke student that I am the first port of call was Penneys of course and to be honest I found everything I needed to work my magic. Also some make up bits but that’s not what this post is about.

IMG_1520I ignored the shoes section since my primarily focus was home stuff and set off on a hunt to find the wicker storage baskets. I remember seeing them in a minty shade a few weeks back. However now they only stock them in grey which is still fine with me. I’m planning on using the smaller one for nail related items like nail files, nail polishes and nail varnish removers and the bigger one for all sorts of creams, sprays etc. IMG_1523Overall, getting 2 wicker baskets for €8 isn’t bad of a deal since they’re actually decent in size and you can use them for all sorts of things. All I know is that once these are back in the minty green shade I’ll be back buying another set.

I love Penneys’ €1 candles. They’re in a glass container and have this metal screw on lid. This time I got a sandalwood one and another vanilla one because lately I’ve been really obsessed with candles. I suppose they just set the mood and stuff but anyways. 😀IMG_1519

While having a look around the store I noticed a discount shelf with some picture canvas which apparently were to be discounted from €5 to €2. There I found  this cute ‘together is a wonderful place to bee’ one with a bee motive throughout it. It’s one of the triple ones where you can separate them out or just hang them closely together to form one picture. When I got to the till I got a pleasant surprise because it scanned in at €1! Win-win.

There were so many other home things that I’d love to buy but the time will come eventually. 😀

Love,Sara xox


Review: Catrice Absolute Nude eyeshadow palette 010 All Nude

IMG_1444Hello everyone!

I don’t know about you but personally I love finding some great beauty products at a low price which are just as good as the big brand ones! Lately I’ve been super obsessed with eyeshadows and this Catrice palette is absolutely fantastic in my opinion.

It has 6 nude colours, some of which are matte and some are shimmery. The packaging promises that the shades are long lasting and after using this for months now I can say that it’s 100% true. Another great thing about it is that you can combine the shades together in any form you want to and they go together very well.IMG_1446

You can easily create an everyday look with the lighter shades or turn to a smokey eye for the evening with the darker ones!IMG_1454

As for the packaging, there’s a little instruction provided to ‘get the nude look’ along with some make up tips, which is always a plus. The only thing I dislike about this palette is that the lid fell off about 2 months ago or something but it’s understandable because like I said before, I’ve been using it a lot.

This retails at about €5.49 and honestly is really worth it for that price. You can get it in many pharmacies and even Penneys if they have a make up stand there!

I genuinely find that Catrice has some very interesting beauty products at a fairly low price such as some of their mascaras, their nail polishes and definitely this palette! For a budget make up brand their products are of a really great standard.

If you haven’t yet tried this brand- they’re definitely worth having a look at!

Love,Sara xox

10 tips for your first year of college!

  • Get a job
    Yeah, I know this doesn’t sound exciting. I mean the prospect of having to do anything more than Netflix, sleep and drinking doesn’t sound well. But unless you want to be dependent on mommy to give you going out money then just get a part time job. Seriously it’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Plus, you’ll see what it’s like to have some responsibilities and that WILL teach you something for the future.FullSizeRender
  • Learn to drink!
    Don’t be the person who is the first one to get drunk or always throws up. Learn your limits, drink responsibly and never drink the cheap stuff. While it can be saving you cash, it definitely won’t be saving you from any already bad side effects of alcohol. Seriously, pay that fiver more and actually drink proper stuff, you’ll thank yourself in the morning for that adult decision.
  • Go to lectures (jk, get the slides)
    Now, depending on what you study in college you can be having 12 hours a week like me or say 30. And some of these lectures/labs/tutorials/workshops are important so obviously get yourself down to college for those. But let’s be honest, once you know something is not-so-compulsory then you won’t be there.. like ever. Trust me when I say that me and Economics have a very bad relationship with each other even though we only spent like 60 minutes together this semester. Once you realise that the finals are coming or you’re about to fail the year then the slides are your best friend. I swear. 😀


  • Go out!
    Ahh, everyone’s favourite isn’t it just?! Obviously you can’t go through college without going out. Like seriously, even those who don’t go out much still go out, even if it is from time to time. I guess it’s them student deals because hey, alcohol is expensive. Use your ‘in for free’ app, don’t forget your pre-drinks and share that taxi home with some mates.
  • Do your assignments when you get them not night before
    Okay, I know you’re still not going to listen but you’ll learn after your first assignment, especially if it’s to be done in pairs and let’s just say your ‘partner’ decides to turn his phone off, go out and never give you his work. Or maybe not. Either way, just don’t leave it until the very last day because it’s not worth the stress. Plus, assignments make it easier to pass so for God’s sake just put some effort into it.
  • Student discounts
    Use it and abuse it. Simples.
  • Borrow books from the libraryIMG_0032
    Books are expensive. Life is expensive. Student life is extra expensive. Do the math and borrow books from the library instead of buying them. And if you really feel the urge to actually own the books, get them second hand. Nothing feels better than some extra money in your pocket.
  • Attempt to stay healthy
    This one is hard with the post-night-out bingeing in McDonald’s and comfort eating but it’s worth it in the end. Eat some proper food, do some exercise and you’ll be fine.
  • Sleep
    I don’t know about you but I can’t function without proper sleep. And by proper sleep I mean 8 hours. Without it I’m ready to kill anyone who gets in my way so yeah, sleep is important. Get a good night’s sleep before exams- it’ll show in your grades.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek help.
    You probably will struggle at some stage in one way or another. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. You have to talk to someone? There’s counselling available. Feel like you’re failing a module? Your college probably offers a grinds service. There’s so many ways to get help and if you’re unsure about anything just ask your tutor or people in the Student Union, they’re all there to help you.

Your first year of college is probably going to be tough in one way or another and you will probably feel lost at some stage. Either way, you should try and enjoy it as much as you can because it’s probably the last time in your life that you won’t have any major responsibilities to deal with! So just enjoy yourself, party on and try not to fail your exams!

Love,Sara xox

My Tinder experience!

How are you all?IMG_1378

Today I want to tell you more about my Tinder experience. I suppose we all know what Tinder is right? Some say it’s a hook up app, others say it’s a dating one. One thing that everyone knows for sure is that the swiping part is really and I mean really addictive! Once you get swiping you find yourself swiping everywhere! Be it on a train, in a lecture or in bed. And then when the matches start coming in you become more and more addicted to the app.

It’s a bit of fun, a thing that gives you something to do throughout the day.

I actually went on a Tinder date, that is a coffee date, recently enough. Before we agreed to meet up, the guy and I were talking for a week or something and got on very well. While we didn’t share too many interests we still got on fine.

When the day came around, I was rather nervous and since I didn’t know if he was going to be a psycho or not, I asked my best friend to text me at a given time just to make sure I’m still alive. 😀 In the end that wasn’t necessary but hey, better to be safe than sorry.

IMG_1377We choose to meet at one of the Starbucks that was halfway distance between my college and his work place. Unfortunately, it turned out that this one was full so we went to the nearest one from there. From then onwards everything went ok and by the end he walked me down to my luas stop and gave me a goodbye hug.

Did I like the date? Well, he was fairly nice and offered to pay for my coffee. I refused to accept it though because it just  didn’t feel right. Another good thing is that he didn’t turn out to be a psycho. But then again we quickly ran out of things to talk about and because of our different interests we spent some time awkwardly sipping our coffee. Oops.

We also did the whole ‘yeah yeah I’ll text you later’ thing which I’m extremely happy neither one of us followed up on because things would have been super awkward.

The whole experience helped me to realise that there are so many different possibilities out there, even if you’ve been stuck in the past for the last while just like me. Anyways, I’m off to do some swiping!

What’s your experience with Tinder? Do you love it or hate it? Tell me in the comments!

Love,Sara xox

Things to consider when choosing a college and a course!

Making decisions about your future is hard. It’s especially hard when you live in a country that everyone is crazy about the so called ‘points’ (your results in the Leaving Cert which you sit when finishing school) which in all fairness really don’t mean much. The only thing they do is make people stress out for no reason and lose their sleep in the nights coming up to results day. But hey, you can’t change it so work with whatever you have.IMG_1370

Anyways, I think the most important thing is to sit down and think about what do you actually want to do. Because there is really no point in studying engineering in college if you really want to be a doctor, likewise there’s no point in taking a business course if you’d be interested in computer science. Sit down, think through your interests, areas that you would like to work in, in the future. Don’t listen to your teachers or even your parents because it’s all about what do you want to do. If you’re going to choose a course because of that’s what someone else wanted for you and you didn’t actually want to then you will probably end up failing the year or dropping out. I mean, it’d be like school all over again where you’re forced to take subjects you have no interest in at all.

Once you have a general idea of what type of area you would like to study then go on and research it a bit more, just to make sure it’s really what you want to do. Also have a look into all the different aspects and possibilities in that area because say if you’d be interested in the ‘business’ side of things then you have options in things like business & law, human resources, management and many many more. Even at this stage don’t bother looking at the points. Just get a rough idea of what do you really want to do and different courses you could potentially take.IMG_1373

Next, estimate the amount of points you will get. I know I probably sound like a hypocrite right now because I told you that the whole points system is useless in my opinion and now I’m telling you to think about them. The point in this is to narrow down the list of possible colleges you can go to. I mean, if your average results so far add up to around 200 points then the chances of getting into Trinity College Dublin are very slim, right? Of course consider it as one of your top options if that’s where you’d like to go to but focus more on applying to colleges you have more of a chance of getting in to.

When choosing colleges you’d want to study in look at the transport options or accommodation depending on if you’ll be studying close to home or not. Because if you have a complicated transport route to follow everyday which takes really long to get into college then trust me you’ll stay home most of the time and only go to the important stuff. ‘What’s the point of wasting 2 hours on your commute one way just to sit in college for an hour or two? Oh, and it’s raining.’ This is something I tell myself like 2 or 3 days a week while going back to sleep on a week day. And if you’re planning to live away from home then have a look into accommodation costs, whether or not you’d be able to afford it and most importantly would you be able to survive without your mother’s dinners and her doing your wash.IMG_1374

Oh and if you’re in Ireland seriously don’t bother with filling out your CAO with options right now, don’t stress about it. Just wait until the change of mind opens and the LC is over. Seriously it’s not as important as you think. 😉

Apply to whatever grants and financial benefits you can even if you think you might not get them. Because once you’re actually in college you will need each and every penny from it!

Do I like my college and my course? It’s okay. It’s got both good and bad sides to it but it’s okay. What I really dislike is the timetable because with my lovely commuting times these two just don’t go together but sure look, what can you do.

But most importantly, it’s your future and not anyone else’s so if you feel like college is not for you or you want to take a year off or anything then do so! Not everyone has to go to college or do so straight after finishing school. There’s many options for you to choose from once you’re finished school and going to college is just one of them.   Love,Sara xox

My nail story!

Hello everyone!

If you read my post ’Get to know me: 15 facts’ then you know I used to bite my nails.. Badly.. And if you didn’t, yes I used to bite my nails until they were all horrible.IMG_2108

My mam always told me that even as a baby I always put my fingers in my mouth and as soon as I could bite my nails- I did. This actually carried on into my childhood and teenage years. Even at 17 I was still a very stubborn bitter,  who simply couldn’t stop the habit. I’m not saying that I wasn’t ashamed of it or that I wasn’t hiding my hands so that people wouldn’t see. I’m saying that it’s a habit that is very hard to kick.

Why do people bite their nails? I couldn’t tell you. Some people do it because they’re stressed, others because they’re bored. I can’t exactly pin point as to why I did, because to me it’s something I’ve always done. One thing I am sure of is how badly it damages your nails.

FullSizeRenderHow bad of a bitter I was? Well… at one stage I managed to have literally a hole in my nail. How? No idea but it hurt for a while. I would have my nails bleeding on numerous occasions and most of the time at least one nail would be sore. Yeah, I was actually this bad.

Over the last few years I think I’ve tried literally everything to stop the habit. But nothing really worked until I met my nail technician.

At first I was trying the ‘choose one nail’ method where you’re supposed to pick a nail that you won’t touch while you can do whatever with the rest. Then after say 3/4 days or a week you choose another nail and now you’re keeping 2 safe. You’re supposed to continue this until all ten are chosen, marked, safe, whatever you want to call it. As you can guess this didn’t work for me but give it a try because hey, it could work for you.FullSizeRender (1)

‘Paint your nails, you won’t want to ruin your work’, while this might work for a lot of people it definitely didn’t work for me. Seeing something new, colourful, etc on my nails made me want to put them in my mouth even more and this is exactly what you don’t want when trying to stop biting your nails!

Then of course there’s the nail polishes which are supposed to make you stop biting your nails. I mean, they’re awful. They have this disgusting bitter taste when you bite your nail but hey, that goes away after a few seconds and you get used to it easily. Definitely another miss for me.

Turning to gel nails was the last possible option for me. I tried them on few occasions before but always ended up biting them off after +/- 2 weeks. Now, I’m not saying you should go get gel nails and you’ll stop biting your nails but that’s what worked for me.FullSizeRender (2)

**I’m not a nail technician so this is just my knowledge and could be wrong.**

You can get your nails extended on a tip (a plastic nail tip is stuck to your nail) or on a form (a sticker is applied around the tip of your nail and the gel is used to extend your nail, so that basically your nail extension is all gel without using the plastic tip). I’ve had both done and the ‘tip’ ones were always off within 2 weeks, where as the ‘form’ ones stayed on for at least a month. (even with my biting mastered) But again all of this depends on the nail technician and I was just lucky to find one who could take care of my nails and help me kick the awful habit!IMG_1084

I got my nails done on the form with her on a couple of occasions but always ended up going back to biting my nails once the gel ones were off. On my final try I got my nails done every month for 3 months and once I filed them off  I could easily fight the urge to bite them because let’s just say, they were super long, and I didn’t feel the need to bite them! I had to end up cutting them down to short nails because they were super weak. (due to years of biting and not the filing involved with gel nails because a good nail technician won’t cause loads of damage to your nails)

I’ve had the gels off on 1st of January 2015 and been letting my nails grow on their own without biting them off. I’m actually quite proud! While they’re still weak and break off easily I think it’s still an achievement to actually have nails for the first time in my life and not these little non-existent things on my fingers.

What I’m trying to say is take time to find the method that will work for you because it’s quite a shame when a grown woman has her nails bitten, it just doesn’t look very classy and hey, we all try to look classy, right?! So tell me what works for you in the comments below or share your story!

Love,Sara xox

Jerome Russell BBlonde bleach review!

*****Updated review!*****

Hey guys, I  rarely ever get to make a complete 180 on a product from loving it to hating it so this is something special. As a bit of a back story, I have used this product for over a year and it was my absolute go to, paired with the John Frieda blonde range. Then during the summer of 2015 I ran out of this bleach and went to a local shop to top up. There I noticed the packaging changed but didn’t think much about it.

The minute I started putting this on my hair the nightmare began. My scalp started burning and believe me when I say I couldn’t sit through for more than 10 minutes. I was only applying the product to my roots, yet it seemed to affect the lenghts of my hair also. My hair was feeling very gummy, you could stretch it like chewing gum almost so that was scary. And it only got worse when I went to wash this out my hair. Granted, the burning stopped but my hair was falling out in pretty much clumps and i couldnt shampoo the product out without pulling out a hand full of white hairs. The stretching also continued.

Once my hair was dry, I broke down crying. It was absolutely fried and kept falling out. That’s when I decided to contact customer care and sent a message to the email given on the box. Surprise surprise it didn’t deliver due to ‘non existent email’. Hmm, okay, fair enough. So then i  contacted the company through facebook and actually got through to someone eventually. I questioned the change in packaging and possibly formulation but was ‘assured’ that their formula didn’t change. Believing that is impossible because of what happened to me but okay. Then I wanted to go ahead with a complaint and got really annoyed with their process. Fill out a form which is reallllllllllyyyyyy long would have maybe been okay with me but the remainder of the rep’s reply was too much for me.

In order to fully assess your problem and confirm your complaint, we will require a photograph of your hair in its current and previous state and a small cutting of the damaged hair plus a detailed history of any Colour applications over the last 18 months and application techniques.    It would assist our investigation if you were able to send any/all items of empty bottles, packaging and receipts if you have retained them for our analysis.

So, I didn’t go ahead with the official complaint but I’m telling you my story, that I wish someone told me before I used the product.
After this nightmare,  I let my hair relax for a few months, trying to condition it to some presentable state. After a few months my hair was still falling out horribly and the damage didn’t improve even slightly. I dyed my hair with a different dye during the winter because my roots looked awful by then. As much as I loved being blonde I realised that if my hair is to heal at least slightly I need to go darker so in February 2016 I dyed my hair brown and have been doing so for a year now. My hair is still deal on the lenghts and still really damaged but at least now the falling out is improved, a year and a half later.

So yes, this is a story of how one can go from loving something to absolutely hating it.
Make wise decisions and may your hair be healthy and shiny.



Hello everyone!IMG_1216

As promised I’m doing my review for the Jerome Russell BBlonde bleach. I’ve read some amazing reviews and heard great things from people about it so decided to give it a try on my hair because I was due to do it anyway and at least it saved me the hassle of trying to find a good hair dye!

To bleach your hair with this bleach you will need the powder bleach and the cream peroxide. (sold separately. The box costs around 5 euro and the cream peroxide bottles are on sale for 2.50 euro) Oh, and Boots currently has a ‘3 for 2’ offer on a lot of their hair products and dyes, this one is on offer as well!IMG_1217

In the box there are 4 sachets of high lift powder bleach, an instruction leaflet and a pair of gloves. It is instructed to use one sachet of powder bleach with one bottle of cream peroxide. (Overall, I used two because one wouldn’t be enough to cover all of my roots.)

To mix it together you just put the powder and the cream peroxide in a plastic bowl and mix it together until it’s of an even consistency, kind of like a paste. I used the 40 vol peroxide because it was my first time using the bleach and wanted to make sure that it’ll definitely lighten my hair.

Don’t forget to do your strand test! Because if you are allergic to it you could even die so remember, stay safe and do your strand test!IMG_1304

This is my hair at about 2 months re-growth and I just left it to be greasy for the day I was bleaching it to minimise the burn and everything. To begin with my hair wasn’t in a very good condition from the previous dyes and bleaches so I was quite scared to do it again. But I can safely say that if you don’t keep this on for too long your hair will be fine!

Application: I got my mom to put the dye on my hair so that it’s all even because you obviously don’t want to be walking around with dark spots in your hair. One thing I have to tell you: this thing works fast! We divided my hair into two sections, top and bottom. My mom started applying the bleach at the bottom part on the roots. After she was finished she put the remainder of the mixture on my lengths. After 20 minutes my roots were lightened so we washed it off because as I said before, I was afraid of burning my hair too much.

We then did the top part, again starting with roots and then on to the length of my hair. As there was very little mixture left after she covered my roots, we added a bit of just a white hair conditioner to dilute the bleach and then put it on the rest of my hair. This time I kept it on for 25 minutes for a better effect but this is just the minimum developing time and I should have kept it on for about 10 minutes later, will do so the next time.

During the developing time my hair kind of had a green/gray shade to it but it turned out completely fine!IMG_1306

Result: When I was washing out the bleach and then washing my hair I realised that I actually ran out of purple shampoo so I had no way to tone my hair!

While wet, my hair looked rather yellow. But it’s something I learned over time, to not worry how it looks while it’s wet, it saves you a lot of tears. 😀

Overall, I found the bleach to work good on my hair, it did its job without burning off my hair as it’s pretty much in the same condition as before. It’s not perfect because my roots do have a brassy/orange shade to it but that’s really my fault because I kept it on for too short and couldn’t tone it! As of a week later it looks a lot better so no worries here!

Would I use it again?IMG_1305

I think I will definitely use this bleach again because:

  1. It actually bleached my hair, better than the xxl live so that’s super positive!
  2. It works out so cheap! With all the products needed to take care of your hair, a full head dye will cost you less than 10 euro with this. Perfect!
  3. It didn’t harm my hair as much as some other dyes/bleaches did previously. Obviously I’m not saying that it’s good for you but I’ve had my hair in worse condition before.
  4. It’s quick. It actually works super fast! Within five minutes you could see my hair going lighter so I love it.

**I will definitely not be using this again**

Would I recommend it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a cheap bleach that works quite good! Just remember to stick to the times stated in the instruction and do a strand test before you apply the product to all of your hair.


Love,Sara xox

My hair favourites!

How are you all?

This post will give you a little insight into my favourite hair products. While taking care of your hair isn’t easy, it’s double as hard with blonde hair! Because you know, bleach isn’t the nicest thing for your hair.

My hair itself isn’t easy to maintain. I’ve always been jealous of all the women who can wash their hair every second or third day and actually look like a human being between the washes! That’s definitely not the case with me because if you had a look at me with my three day hair, you’d think I just poured a litre of oil on my head. Not pleasant. Which means there I am every morning before college with freshly washed and dried hair, and believe me, this doesn’t do any good to your hair. But for me, it’s that or looking awful. Another disadvantage of having super greasy hair is that I have to be very careful with the products I use. So you know how the conditioner says to leave it on for 2 minutes? For me it’s about 30 seconds. But hey, it does its job and leaves my hair looking good so I’m happy. But that’s enough of my talking and let’s get to the actual products!

Conditioners and hair masks

  • Bonté Professional extra nutrition hair mask:

I actually got this in Spain on my holiday for about 3 euro and to be honest, I absolutely love it! While the container advises to leave it on for three to five minutes and then wash it off with water, I have it on for about 30 seconds to a minute and it leaves my hair nice and soft without making it greasy! I’ve been using it quite a while now and only a third of the container in now so it lasts forever! If anyone sees this abroad, get a tub and try it out because it works wonders for me.IMG_1173

  • Tresemme keratin smooth deep treatment masque:

In Ireland this retails at about 7 euro. I bought in on holiday at 4 euro if I remember correctly. Either way it’s worth every cent because this stuff if amazing! It’s advised to use it once a week or as often as needed and leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes. I honestly swear by this stuff and will be buying a new tub very soon because I’m almost finished this one! Oh and it smells amazing. Just a bonus to how wonderful it is.


Heat protection

  • Tresemme heat defence styling spray:

Costs around 7 euro and does exactly what it claims. It protects your hair for up to 230 degrees Celsius against heat damage. I’d probably have no hair from all the time I use a hair dryer without this so let’s take a moment to appreciate this stuff because it’s absolutely bliss.

Purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is an absolute essential and you will hear this from every blonde! It cancels out all that yellow/brassy tones from your hair and just makes your colour look amazing!IMG_1169

  • John Frieda sheer blonde tone correcting shampoo:

This is my absolute favourite when it comes to purple shampoo! John Frieda has this one perfect and it not only cancels out the brassiness in my hair but also makes other tones in my hair come up while keeping it nice and shiny. Worth every penny and if I could have a lifelong supply of this I’d be in my little blonde heaven. IMG_1180The conditioner from this range is absolutely amazing as well especially since it’s quite light and doesn’t make my hair greasy, yet it works on keeping your blonde locks a lovely shade of blonde. I seriously wouldn’t change a thing about this product.

  • Provoke touch of silver shampoo:

This shampoo range is my second go to product right after the John Frieda shampoo. While it’s not as good as my favourite, it does the job and that’s what matters I think! It’s also a lot cheaper as it retails at 3 euro for a 200ml bottle at boots. But hey, it keeps both my blonde hair happy as well as my tiny student budget so it’s a win-win situation!

Love,Sara xox

Mini Haul March 2015

Hello everyone! I went on a mini shopping trip to Penneys yesterday and bought some real nice things! I also stopped at Boots to get some bleach for my much needing it roots. Pictures coming right up:


  • #iwokeuplikethis or  #instagorgeous pillow cases:pillows

I am so so so so in love with those! It could be the pastel mint green or the little phrases but they’re just amazing! I couldn’t find a matching duvet cover but my local penneys is tiny so I’ll have a look in one of the City Centre ones and hope to find it! At 4 euro they’re a steal.IMG_1150

  • Ultra soft super skinny jeans in blue:

While I can never buy any sort of jeans from penneys, I got those in a size bigger, even just to wear them around the house because you don’t always get a 5 euro bargain.IMG_1142

  • Scented Candle:

Recently, I’m in love with candles. Scented candles to be more exact. And this pastel pink, Pink Grafefruit, candle from Penneys smells truly amazing, burns for ages and costs just a mere 1 euro! Amazing!

  • Flats, flats, flats:shoes

Being a size 7.5 I can never ever get any sort of shoes because many places don’t do half sizes. So I always end up buying size 8 shoes and well, these flats were a true and proper steal at their discounted prices. The blue ones have sort of a suede finish and would be a perfect alternative to high heels if you want to be comfortable all night! The cream and black ones are just ideal for that spring/summer weather once it gets kind of warm in Ireland. Either way, paying 5 euro for two pairs of shoes is an excellent deal.


  • Jerome Russell BBlonde powder and cream peroxide: Having heard amazing reviews about it I’ve decided to give it a try, since my roots are way over-due at this stage. Plus I’m sick of all the dyes I’ve tried leaving a brassy shade on my hair, even after numerous washes with purple shampoo! I shall give this a try in a week or two and let you know of the results.IMG_1147
  • Sally Hansen polish remover:

I was running out on my nail polish remover and these were selling at ‘buy 1, get 1 half price’ so I got both the regular and strengthening version. Since I actually have nails, you’ll see me painting them like 50 times a week and the nail polish remover just disappears. I swear, you’d think I drink it, that’s how fast it goes. Hahahaha.

Well that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to drop me a comment!

Love,Sara xox

Sun and Stress

IMG_1234Life has been pretty hectic for the past few weeks.

The other day I realised that my first year of college is almost over. I literally have 3 weeks of lectures and exams left and then I’m done! Wow, it sounds crazy when I say it out loud. This time last year I didn’t even know what college I want to go to or even what type of courses I’d want to study. And look at me now, getting those assignments done and getting great grades (considering the fact that I choose sleep over college like 60% of the time). One thing I can tell you about college is that it’s not as easy as it seems unless you live literally 10 minutes away from where you study. Yeah, I know that sounds ridiculous. IMG_1235College itself isn’t a lot of hard work, at least for my course. I mean, we have a maximum of 15 hours a week so that’s really fine. The worst part is the breaks or the fact that we have classes scheduled for 5 days a week so that means we end up with 2 lectures on Thursdays and Fridays. You’d think it’s great yeah? Not really if it takes you longer to commute to college than you actually spend in college. IMG_1233That’s when you realise it’s better to sleep in, check out the lecture slides online and cover the material yourself instead of hitting that public transport route and actually attending college. (and hence my below average attendance this semester) So hey, all of you Leaving Cert people, choose your college wisely because you really don’t want to be travelling 60-90 minutes one way, it’s really tiring. I really hope the Easter break will be here soon so that I can catch up on that much needed sleep!

For some reason I’ve been feeling down a lot lately. And while it could be related to my medical problems, I think it’s also the stress of college at the moment that is making me physically sick and tired. I’ve had a headache everyday for the past week and wake up feeling more tired every morning than the night before. So hopefully once all of those assignments are out of the way this situation will sort itself out or else this blonde will be heading to the doctor. IMG_1237 Plus, I’m not getting on too well with my parents at the moment so I’m guessing this adds to the stress I’m experiencing right now..

But that’s it, enough of the sad talk.

IMG_1245Today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was actually quite warm outside, for Ireland anyway! So I took advantage of the amazing weather and took my dog, Rico, out for a walk. This gave me some time to just sort out all the current issues in my head and relax in the sun. I’m just going to put up a few pictures from today throughout this post!

Hope you enjoyed this messy, diary like entry! Sorry just had to say it to someone while enjoying a lovely cup of Lyons tea 🙂

Love,Sara xox